What is a UPS power system?

UPS system (Uninterruptible Power Supply or Uninterruptible Power Source), is understood as an uninterruptible power supply, backup power supply, battery, accumulator,… used to provide backup power for devices. electronics with device capacity for a certain period of time.

In cases such as: power outage, voltage surge, voltage drop, short circuit, electrical circuit fire,… disrupting the operation of electrical equipment. The UPS system acts as a device that provides an uninterruptible power source to help devices operate normally, or be turned off properly, until the power supply is restored to normal.

Each UPS has a unique design capacity that represents the time it can provide power to peripheral devices.

The UPS power system includes the following components:

– Battery: used to store electricity.

– Charger: used to charge (recharge) the battery.

– Rectifier: converts alternating current into direct current.

– Inverter: converts direct current into alternating current.

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