What are notification sounds?

The sound system is coordinated by basic equipment to broadcast news, content, and individual or collective messages to an entire organization, called notification sound. Sound can be used for alarms such as emergency or fire when combined with peripheral devices.

The standard notification sound system includes the following main equipment: Central controller, peripheral devices, microphone, amplifier, notification speakers. Each part is equally important and performs a different function.

Applications of sound systems in life

The application of sound systems in life is extremely widespread and popular, installed and used in many areas and locations for different purposes.

  • School: Notifications about daily activities, events, important school rules,…
  • In supermarkets and shopping centers: Announce and introduce promotions and attractive incentives for customers, find lost people, warn,…
  • In the hospital: Notify the patient’s family members in the hallways, call the patient’s name to come in for examination,…
  • In buildings and apartments: Announce regulations of the building management board, play background music, fire alarms, escape instructions in emergencies, etc.

Besides, the announcement sound system is also widely used in other fields such as ports, factories, railway stations, bus stations, airports, warehouses, hotels, restaurants, etc.


  1. Microphone: There are two main types of notification sound: wireless and desktop microphones. It is responsible for broadcasting sound to the outside, with urgent content such as unexpected meeting schedules, focus orders, or pre-prepared irregular newsletters.
  2. Central controller:

This is an important set, which contains warning information and selects the speaker area for announcements. The controller has an input for a call station, an input for a handheld microphone, and is responsible for connecting the central unit to a 3rd party device.

Depending on each brand, the central controller is equipped with different capacities, used for projects with a small number of speaker areas or with small speaker capacity.

  1. Peripheral devices: Including desk phones, music players, computers, VCD players,… You can call these the content that needs to be transmitted. Peripheral devices share notification content with the central controller or amplifier.
  2. Amplifier: Provides power for the announcement speaker system.
  3. Announcement speaker: Has the function of emitting notification sound. After receiving and decoding the signal, the content will be transmitted through the speaker. There are 3 commonly used types of announcement speakers:
  • Ceiling speakers: Used in building hallways or office and company areas.
  • Wall-mounted speaker box: Commonly installed in hotel lobbies, hospitals,… usually hung on the wall or corner.
  • Compressed speaker (horn speaker): Installed in places with loud noise such as parking lots, basements, factories, etc.

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