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What is Computer Network?

A computer network is a set of computer devices connected to each other through communication means such as cables, radio waves, or wireless, to share resources and data between devices. being in the network. In which, the network protocol and transmission medium are the media.
The purpose of a computer network is to allow devices to communicate, share resources, access data remotely, and provide services such as email, internet access, and file transfer. The most popular types of computer networks today include LAN (Local Area Network), WLAN (Wireless Local Area Network), WAN (Wide Area Network) and the Internet.
A computer network includes the following main components:
• Connection devices: These are physical devices called network devices such as: network cables, signal amplifiers, switches, routers, gateways and other devices to connect devices in the network.
• Wireless connection devices: These are wireless network connection devices such as wireless access points (Wireless Access Point – WAP), wireless routers (Wireless Routers) and other devices to connect other devices. wireless device to the network.
• Network connection devices: These are terminal devices such as computers, personal computers (PCs), laptops (Laptops), tablets (Tablets) and other devices connected to the network .
• Network software: This is software installed on network-connected devices to manage, control, or support network functions such as operating system software, routing software, and host software. server, firewall software, antivirus software, network management software and other software.
• Network protocols: These are protocol standards used to transmit data in networks, including file transfer protocols, routing protocols, and others.
• Network resources: These are resources shared on the network, including resources such as printers, files, software, data, drives, documents and other resources.
These components are important elements of an effectively functioning network, allowing devices to connect and share data and resources with each other.
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